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Microdermabrasion (MDA) is a favorite "no down time" procedure. The epidermis (outer layer of the skin) is made of dead skin cells packed very tightly, acting as a barrier to the outside world. As we grow older, this barrier or wall gets more compacted and becomes less permeable - this means that nutrients, vitamins, and products (cosmetics) have a difficult time passing through this wall to fulfill their beneficial functions.

At Mosa, we work with a medical grade microdermabrasion unit that uses either crystals or a crystal-free diamond head to exfoliate/remove the epidermal (outer layer) dead skin cells, therefore eliminating dullness of the skin. This will allow nutrients to have proper penetration.

After a single microdermabrasion session, your skin will look and feel smooth and refreshed. Though, overall skin improvement requires several treatments. Skin biopsies have shown that following six microdermabrasion treatments, the epithelium (deeper skin tissue) is thicker and healthier looking.


Because we are a Medical facility, we can combine microdermabrasion with chemical peels in a safe environment.

This combination allows the achievement of even better results, reducing pores size, removing blackheads, and diminishing acne scarring. With this dual power, your skin will look refreshed, younger, softer and smoother with more clarity and even tone.




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